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Adam joined up with Cubed3 back when it was merely a fledgling website in 2003, providing snippets of Nintendo news to eager gaming fans. It was not long before he made a strong impression, bombarding site creator Jorge Baoh with constant news submissions. Having been a creative talent from a young age, it was only a short time before he squeezed his way into the small team and took control of the retro review side of Cubed3, covering a wide array of topics based on the NES, SNES and Game Boy consoles. Once his confidence built up, which certainly did not take long, he dipped his toe further into the writing scene with a slew of in-depth articles and even took on the role of Editor for others' work, moving to Senior Editor and eventually Operations Director, as of the end of 2011.

Now he causes waves throughout the Industry with his rapid-fire news updates, numerous exclusive interviews, visits to press events, as well as strong relations with game companies, developers and PR agencies alike. Cubed3 just wouldn’t be the same without him.
Whatever you need, he can supply...

Adam Riley started working at Cubed3 Limited back in 2003, but has now launched his own personal website, Word of Adam, to provide news updates on various videogame topics, ranging from the world of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft formats, moving into the territory of iOS gaming eventually.  Additionally, expect to find the latest news of Word of Adam's foray into the voice acting field, cutting edge interviews from around the world, and opportunities for those in need of a script editor / proof-reader.

Drop me an email:
Adam Riley
Operations Director, Voice Actor, Freelance Writer
- Mike Mason, February 2010
Delivering varied content since 2003!
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Latest news updates from the world of Nintendo.
Adam Riley started as a simple contributor when Cubed3 launched back in 2003.
Interviewees include Yasuhiro Wada, Hiromichi Tanaka, Goichi Suda, Akihiro Hino, Yoshinori Ono, Yuji Naka, Tomonobu Itagaki and many more!
Work can also be found at ICGamers, Den of Geek, Midlife Gamer, Movemodo, Push Square, and many other publications.
Adam's unwavering level of motivation and enthusiasm for his work continues to astound me. Whether it's maintaining his wide range of current responsibilities or carving out new opportunities, there is a consistently excellent quality to his work. Adam has always been somebody I have felt comfortable turning to for advice and assistance, and he will absolutely go out of his way to ensure that the job is done to the highest standard possible.
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