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Word of Adam - The Voice Actor
PANG: Magical Michael (DS, September 2010)
  • Puzzle video game released by Rising Star Games across Europe in September 2010
  • Developed by Japanese team Mitchell Corporation of Polarium and Magnetica / actionloop (Nintendo DS) fame
  • Offered new ideas, feedback, helped broker the European deal, influenced the final box art
  • Provided the voice for Magical Michael throughout the game

Ragged Edge (Samsung Mobile, January 2012)
  • Full version released by French developer DK Games on the Samsung Galaxy Wave in January 2012
  • Assisted with the initial story, location and track names for the mobile futuristic racing game
  • Provided the male voice over for the race announcer and in-game commentary
  • Recorded the game trailer voice in the style of an old pirate addressing a bustling tavern
  • Aided with script editing and translation from French to English

Podcasts (Cubed3 Ltd, On-going since 2003)
  • Regular member of the Cubed3 Podcast, joining in monthly debates
  • Contributing to the initial plan outline to bring solid structure to the fore
  • Driving conversation topics forward by asking relevant questions to other staff members during the live chat
  • Separately recording solo narrative segments for special features added after the live section
  • Adding post production values by cleaning up the audio and underlaying music clips to increase the professional nature of the finished product

Portfolio (Voice123, 2012 onwards)
  • Joining Voice123 in February 2012
  • Within a few weeks, already placing 1st as a Finalist in several auditions
  • Building up a strong, varied profile, attempting a wide range of styles: audio book narrator, video game voice over, TV voice over, educational voice over, podcasts, student project work, promotional advertising slots, and much more
  • Client base increasing rapidly following feature placements on Google,  Yell, and other search engines
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