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Word of Adam - The Interviewer
-Yoshinori Ono, JULY 2011
Your idea sounds more like Capcom Vs. Nintendo! If you want such a game, please ask Sakurai-san next time.
The Silver Case is still in development.  It will take long to develop because the original gameplay is old.  This means it may not be a DS game, but perhaps a download title in the future.
-Goichi Suda,   AUGUST 2010
My aim is to expand upon the world of Harvest Moon.
I always want people to enjoy the projects I create, and hope that the experiences they have with my games will stay with them long after turning the actual videogame off!
-Yasuhiro Wada,   JULY 2010
Most people don't realise my involvement in Final Fantasy. 
The series is one I worked on right from the early days in the 1980s/1990s, and I was also involved in the Seiken Densetsu games from the start with Koichi Ishii-san.
-Hiromichi Tanaka,   MARCH 2009
I do not want to revisit old properties.  I am much happier nowadays creating new games for a variety of different systems, possibly including Nintendo's latest hardware.
-Yuji Naka,   SEPTEMBER 2010
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