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Unique Online Game Concept Incoming: Navy Moves

by Adam Riley on 06/28/12

Games Masters, an independent free to play game publisher, has announced the launch of Navy Moves, a completely new concept in online games available for download, browser and Facebook platforms this summer. Navy Moves is a unique way of enjoying online gaming, casting players as the stars of a complete action movie split into episodes. Each episode is inspired by a retro arcade gaming machine style from the 80s and 90s, combined with 3D graphics from the modern day. Episodes vary from intense flight combat simulation, to deep sea diving and 3rd person shooting. Players are challenged to get the highest score on each of the episodes as part of a thrilling global competition.

Jump behind the wheel of a 4-Wheel Drive Jeep, driving through checkpoints while shooting missiles at attacking helicopters dodging terrain obstacles. Dive among sharks and survive their attacks. Pilot a Harrier fighter and dogfight versus the enemy planes. Enter the enemy base and fight cyborgs while unveiling the bad guys' plans...Navy Moves is the first game of its kind.

Players will be able to:

  • Join clans and participate in the clan league
  • Enjoy synchronised duels in each of the episodes with friends
  • Join tournaments and fight for awesome prizes
  • Participate in weekly and monthly competitions
  • Fight other clans for supremacy in each of the episodes
  • Enjoy a high quality action movie!

Thorsten Schauer, Games Masters CEO said, "With the partnership with FX Interactive for the launch of Navy Moves, we are introducing a new way of enjoying an epic adventure merged with online gaming. We can't wait to see our fans around the world enjoy this game and its background story."

Pablo Ruiz, FX Interactive CEO continues, "We are extremely happy with our partnership with Games Masters and look forward to seeing gamers enjoy playing Navy Moves as much as we did developing it."

Navy Moves will be available at launch in English, French, German, Turkish, Filipino and Chinese, with more languages expected during the following months in 2012. CBT launch is expected for summer 2012, with a commercial launch later in 2012.

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