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IndieCity GameFactory Announced, Partnering with Blitz Games

by Adam Riley on 06/28/12

IndieCity is proud to reveal the IndieCity GameFactory, a mobile game-making workshop that makes game players into game producers. In partnership with Blitz Academy, Blitz Games Studios' long-established education outreach initiative, the GameFactory aims to break down the barriers that surround game development, enabling teams of Factory 'workers' to create their very own video game.

"There's a real need to challenge the perception that in order to make a video game you need years of experience and tonnes of money," explains IndieCity's Chris Swan. "Of course, there's no denying that game development is indeed a highly skilled vocation; the primary aim of GameFactory is to show people of all ages that they will already have some of those skills. It doesn't matter if you're 7 or 70, whether you're a hardcore game player or not, the GameFactory proves that with the right technology, a little imagination and some old-fashioned hard work and co-operation it's possible to produce a playable game that the makers can be proud of."

GameFactory is making its debut appearance at the Games Britannia video games festival in Sheffield next week. Operators will be split into teams who will each create the separate visual and audio assets to be used in their game utilising GameMaker, a free-to-use game development software package. Game makers will even get to choose the type of game they create, picking from a wide selection of genres including platformer, puzzle and even multiplayer games.

Mark Hardisty of Games Britannia: "We're absolutely delighted that the IndieCity GameFactory is debuting at Games Britannia. It's a fantastic way to inspire the next generation of game developers and we're extremely excited to see the results!" GameFactory sessions will be held through the week-long festival, with both visiting schools and the general public having the chance to try it out for themselves.For more information about the IndieCity GameFactory, including details of where it will be in the upcoming months please visit

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